heritage building along Malacca Riverbank
honey bee hunting food in water lily flower
graffiti on the wall in Georgetown Penang
a group of merchant sorting the herbs
travel by ferry to Crab Island in malaysia
Indian dancers performed traditional dance on the stage
guide at Kechepuri Holy Lake in India
Jumping from high buildings in Sydney Australia
my niece likes the tulips in Tesselaar Tulip Festival in Melbourne ...
merry go round and fun fair at Canberra Floriade Festival in Australia
sydney seascape viewed from the ferry cruise
reflection of the escalators inside shopping mall
seagull flying across Sydney Harbour
koala bear was resting on top of the tree
fishing net in Thale Noi lake Thailand
dragon dance in kuala lumpur malaysia
mud skipper resting by his 'home'
red crab crawled out from his cave
the monkey was resting on the branch of a big tree
a spider was looking for food at night
roadside barbers were shaving their customers' hair and beard in Ko...
a Siamese boy was singing and playing cards in front of his house
a Siamese kid called out her friend passing by in front of her hous...
sunset at Crab Island in Malaysia

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