My friend watching the sun come up in the Dominican Republic
This little guy is Koa. He was playing in the dirt.
My friends Hayden and David dancing at their wedding. I love the jo...
My friend Lauren. I just love the simplicity and beauty of this photo.
Sunrise over the mountains in Jarabacoa.
Sunset reflecting on the ocean.
The sandpaper I used while on a work trip in the Dominican Republic.
clothes hanging on a barb wire fence in the Dominican Republic.
My friend Kyle as we were riding in the back of a truck
Wagon wheel leaning up on the side of a barn in the snow.
My friends at sunrise on the beach in Santo Domingo.
Me and my friend Hampton both hanging out the window of our van.
This is my best friend Julia on the back of a cable car in San Fran...
The flower girl and ring bearer at one of my friend's wedding.
Fisherman at sunset in the Florida Keys
This is River. He belongs to a guy who works with me at a Young Lif...
A lizard crawling across a stone wall at sunrise.
My friend Lacy enjoying a Coke, an instant symbol of Americana. Cok...

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