At a cafe I met this man in northern Iran The man who fought hard ...
One of the jobs of the Iranian coast of the Persian Gulf Fishing e...
a tribal woman carrying firewood for baking bread I driving to the...
Presence A definition of a person's shadow is also OK!
93 year old man who sew Is still working
i driving to pasabandar @south of iran & I met with fishermen
Persian fallow deer are physically larger than fallow deer, their a...
i driving with my father & climbing to this mount
the milky way @this tree @sUMMER IN FILBAND VILAGE
i go so close to this corocodile for record this image
climbing to see Kaboodwal waterfall
this star traile recorded @ kalout in lute desert i was 8 hours D...
drive to Torkman sahra in golestan iran
driving to chabahar & Guatr Gulf ( Southeast Of iran )
Drive to the north of iran & go to soubatan vilage
Climbing mount Khalkhal With my friend & go to almas vilage

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