A woman watches out her window over the street festival going on be...
A popular restaurant street in Beijing, China
A man sitting in Beijing's hutongs (alleyways)
A dog waits patiently outside a bakery in New Orleans
Graffiti on the Great Wall of China
Ambassador from Brunei at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai
A musician keeps the beat on Decatur Street in New Orleans
Shy empress in the Beijing Summer Palace
Eggs for sale in Yichang, China
A man selling fruit off the back of his bicycle in Yichang, China
A fortune teller smokes while waiting for customers to come along i...
A kitten stows away in a man's bicycle cart in Beijing, China
An elderly woman in Sancha village, China
Women washing clothes in the river, China
Woman washing clothes in the river in a village near Suzhou, China
Man selling watermelons in Yichang, China

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