Color inverted image of the painted houses on Santa Ana Hill in Gua...
A fluidic jellyfish gracefully swims through the water
A view of St. Mary Lake along the trail to Baring Falls
Big Horn Sheep Encounter - Glacier National Park
Inside the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas
Pair of owls recuperating at the Save Our Seabirds sanctuary.
Bird at the Key West Butterfly Conservatory superimposed over a Mia...
Sea Lion Suckles her pup on the rocks along the shore
Galapagos Island Blue-footed Booby is mating dance
One of the sculptures of the founding fathers of Ecuador in the cit...
A raft of Galapagos Seal Lions in the surf off Isabela Island
Flightless Cormorants on the rocks along the shore
Male Frigatebird with deflated throat pouch

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