Village Along the Amazon River, Peru
Sunrise at a Sahara Desert Camp, Morocco
Parliament building at night from a river cruise in Budapest, Hungary
Serval cat looking for prey, Botswana Africa
Before going under Iguassu Falls, Argentina
Peruvian Pelican, Chorrillos Peru
Ceiling in the Cathedral of Lima, Peru
Upper Belvedere, Vienna Austria
Mother Gentoo Penguin feeding her chick
Gathering at the village well
Argentine research station, Almirante Brown Antarctic Base
Hippo in the river, Kruger National Park, South Africa
Berber Family, Sahara Desert Morocco
Young girl looking over the edge at the Hoover Dam bypass bridge
Nomad Woman at the Well, Sahara Desert, Morocco
Two Men Crossing a River, Sahara Desert, Morocco
Cat in a Fossil Shop in Erfoud, Morocco
Balcony in the Old Jewish Section of Fes, Morocco
Zodiac navigating around a glacier in Paradise Bay, Antarctica
Young Nomad Girl Selling Souvenirs, Morocco
Laundry Day at a Berber Home, Morocco
California Condor #66 in flight by Navajo Bridge, Arizona
Statue outside the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Mary in Cologne Ge...
Chinstrap Penguin on Aitcho Island, Antarctica
Pausing by a waterfall along the trail
Lipizzaner Stallion posing for the tourists at the Spanish Riding S...
Glossy Starling giving me the evil eye in Chobe National Park, Bots...
Young girl at Ziga Primary School, Zimbbabwe, Africa
Bryce Point in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
Working Hard at the Medicine Market
Young Nomad Girl, Sahara Desert, Morocco
Back Street at the Market in Tineghir, Morocco
Votive candles inside the High Cathedral of Saints Peter and Mary, ...
Unusually calm seas in the Drake Passage
Hiking up to the narrows of the Virgin River
Goosenecks of the San Juan River State Park

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