Layers of fog and frost in the orchard at the farm in Fall City, Wa.
Contemplating Photography in Portland, Or
I was lost at last in the Pismo Dunes of southern California.
Reveling in the first light after miles of caves near Mount St Hele...
Spring sailing springs to life on the San Francisco Bay.
Out sourced worker on the beaches of Morro de Sao Paulo, Brasil. W...
Life at full speed in Heidelberg, Germany.
Argentine Tango on the streets of La Boca, Buenos Aires.
Early morning coffee on the farm on the edge of Shenandoah National...
Performing vagabond at folklife in Seattle, Wa.
Life of a seaman on the San Francisco Bay. The reflections of a tu...
Stroll down an alley in icey, Nazi Nuremberg, Germany.
Wild horses in the Patagonia region of Argentina.
Pensive old man in the beach town of Pichilemu, chile.
My broken farm after the flood of 2008 in Fall City, Wa.

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