Water lilies on the Everglades forming a surrealist natural painting
A red-winged blackbird chasing away a turkey vulture
A kid watching the Miami Marathon, waiting for someone to cheer
A man on a wheelchair having crossed the street
This is a photograph of rural Erin, Wisconsin during fall.
Patches at the Engine 50 of the Boston Fire Department
This is a photograph of the Sunny Isles Beach and Pier by moonlight
The Sunny Isles Pier as seen at sunrise
Catalina enjoying the food trucks during the Wynwood Art Walk in Mi...
A burrowing owl showing some serious demeanor
An alligator surfacing through the water at the Wakodahatchee Wetla...
The majestic Rocky Mountain peaks colored in snow
A rather abstract looking Rampart Reservoir from my airplane seat
The supermoon rising above the Port of Miami
Traveling through the Munich Airport
Lightning strikes over the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami.
The only nude beach in Florida is deserted during the coldest winte...
A storefront being painted in Bogota, Colombia
A photographer capturing the sunrise during a chilly Milwaukee morning
A group of children visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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