Last glance after a glorious day at Horsetooth Reservoir.
Sustainable Stickers at a Party in the Garden.
My niece showing off her toothy smile.
Dad taking a nap in our storage space while I went through stuff.
Americans love their alcohol. Especially in Alabama.
Ralphie wrestling with his best buddy, Dozier.
Brantley walking through a field trying to find the perfect place t...
A salute to the confederacy during a camping trip on an island on L...
Enjoying a cigarette on the porch and taking a deeper look into nat...
Orphans in Ecuador crowd the camera and hold up a "torro"!
Viva Ecuador! Proud girls show off their native flag in the courtya...
Pennywinkle Farms at dusk.
Little girl at an orphanage in Ecuador.
My niece and little sister being obnoxious at the mall.
Urban Standard Coffee Shop and Restaurant in action.
My niece walking my puppy on a trail to a lake in Northern Colorado...
Peace flags in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Cooler at "Party in the Gardens" hosted by Jones Valley Urban Farm ...

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