the final scene in the life of Romeo & Juliet
Sun umbrellas await their customers
a Buddhist Temple perched on the side of a mountain
Dhow( traditional boats) racing in Dubai
men fishing in calm waters
Strange place to find an elephant
young boys in a small village outside of Lhasa are engaged in what ...
a young monk lighting candles in a monastery. The monks use Yak but...
on the road to Everest base camp we came across a group of local wo...
children riding on a home made scooter
Holy man ( Sadhu) in Kathmandu
a glacier slides down a mountain high in the Himalyas
strange ice formations found on a winters day
wild horses living on coastal sand dunes
flying about the Bay of Islands, Northland NZ
A beautiful beach scene in the upper part of the North Island of NZ
a river winds its way through the beach to the sea
Boulder Dam as seen from a helicopter after a night in Las Vegas
Old American car with a new look in Havana Cuba

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