A bald eagle brings a soft shell turtle to the nest.
Great egrets and great blue herons are fishing and large Asiatic ca...
Early Morning egret tier at the Old Spillway
Great Egret fishing action in shallow waters
Silhouette of Great Blue Heron at sunrise with catch
A male Eastern Bluebird chases an escaping lizard.
A pair of bald eagles share a coot for a meal.
A pair of bald eagles share a meal near Reelfoot Lake in northwest ...
Great Egrets vying for a prime fishing spot at Reelfoot Lake State ...
An Asian Carp jumps in the path of a Great Egret at Reelfoot Lake S...
Great Egret early morning catch at the Old Spillway
Fishing at the Old Spillway at Reelfoot Lake
A turtle for the nest at Shiloh National Military Park.
Great Egret fishing action at Reelfoot Lake State Park

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