Net-fisherman in Burma at sunset.
Soaking up the Temple Ambience
Train ride home just before Eid-al-Fitr
A salt-harvester in Vietnam.
The Berlin Holocaust Memorial
The 'Dark Hedges' in Northern Ireland.
A snow monkey bathing in a hot-spring in Jigokudani.
Snow monkeys bathing in a hot-spring in Jigokudani.
Bangladesh Children on a Moving Train
An old castle watches over the rough sea.
Comorant fishermen on the Li River.
A Geisha layer-masked into the Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine in Kyoto.
Outdoor performers take to the stage with Jade Snow Dragon Mountain...
Local Taiwanese people celebrate the New Year by releasing a sky la...
Stilt fishermen try their luck at sunset.
Light streams fill the smoky air in Marrakech's market streets.
Sunset over Ginat's Causeway.
A single, long-exposure star-trail over the Indian Himalaya.
Shadows cast over a misty woodland.
A carpet of mist lies below the imposing Mount Bromo.
The Great Wall of China at Sunset
The sun casts shadows through the forest mist.
Yunnan rice terraces at dawn.
Mist creeps up from the Mount Bromo valley.
'Impressions of Lijiang' show with natural mountain backdrop
Eilean Donan Castle Surrounded by Seaweed
Stilt-fishermen in Sri Lanka at sunset
A girl poses in a colourful alleyway in Jodhpur.
A comorant fisherman at sunset.
Monks look out through their oval-windowed monastery.
Yunnan's Rice Terraces at Sunrise
A net fisherman casts his net with the afternoon sun setting behind.
Goat herders return home after a long day in Bagan.
A monk admires the sunset in Bagan.
A Sri Lankan Stilt-Fisherman braves the rough sea.
Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippines
A Geisha walking in Kyoto.
A comorant fisherman near Yangshuo, China.

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