VIETNAM, Sapa village - children playing
VIETNAM, Mekong Delta, early morning market fish seller
CHINA, Yunnan - Traditional dancing in Dynamic Yunnan show
VIETNAM, Hue - morning fishing with nets, view from above
Vietnam, Halong Bay houses in the water
GREECE, Refugees crossing the border in Idomeni
GREECE, Refugees in the Port of Lesvos in front of a Graffiti Wall
Vietnam, Fishing in Hoi An with the Chinese Fishing Nets
VIETNAM, Hue River Fishing view from the bridge
Greece, Acropolis Museum copy of the Parthenon Metope
VIETNAM, Mother and daughter Sapa Village
VIETNAM, SAPA, Black Hmong Mother and child
VIETNAM, SAPA, Boy attending religious ceremony
VIETNAM, SAPA, Enjoying a cigarette after dinner
GREECE FINANCIAL CRISIS - Lady begging in the center of Athens
GREECE REFUGEE CRISIS - Athens center - Father & Son
GREECE REFUGEE CRISIS - Mother and Child, Island of Kos
GREECE REFUGEE CRISIS - Father and Child, Island of Lesvos
GREECE REFUGEE CRISIS - Athens center - Lady in the tent
GREECE REFUGEE CRISIS - Athens center - Girl in her tent
GREECE REFUGEE CRISIS - Athens center - After the bath
GREECE REFUGEE CRISIS - Athens center - Old Lady in her tent
Turmi Weekly market, Hamer tribe people, Omo Valley, Ethiopia
Mother with child, Turmi, Omo Valley, Ethiopia
Dongchuan, a rural area in the northeast of Kunming,Yunnan Province...
Lijiang, Impressions show, Jade Dragon Snow mountain at an altitude...
A couple from the Kara Tribe, Lower Omo Valley
Ethiopia, Omo Valley, Kara tribe, sunset
Ethiopia, Omo Valley, Kara tribe, sunset
Kara tribe people watching the river, Omo River Valley, Ethiopia
Children in the sunset, Kara tribe, Omo River Valley, Ethiopia
Ethiopian women in the church in Addis Ababa
Ethiopia, Omo Valley, Kara tribe, sunset
Ethiopia, Omo Valley, Hamer tribe, weekly market
Reflections on Erhai Lake, Dali, Yunnan province, China
Ethiopia, Lalibela, St George church
Kara tribe boys with flowers decoration, Omo River valley, Ethiopia
Murighiol Lake, Danube Delta, Romania
Young woman from the Hamer tribe, Omo Valley, Ethiopia
Peacock Dance, Dynamic Yunnan, Kunming, China
Moonlight Dance, Dynamic Yunnan show, Kunming, China
Boys from the Surma tribe, Omo River Valley, Ethiopia
Ethiopia, Omo Valley, Surma tribe, child
Ethiopia, Omo Valley, Surma tribe, woman with a bullet in her mouth...
Watching the sunset from a boat, Saronikos Golf, close to Athens
Young Surma boy, looking after his cattle, Upper Omo Valley, Ethiopia
Ethiopia, Omo Valley, Surma tribe , boy bodypainting by the river
Rainbow in Kara tribe village, lower Omo River, Ethiopia
Mani, Peloponese, Mezapos fishing village, Greece
Omo River, watering the animals, Ethiopia
Sunset in Violet Lake or Murighiol Lake, in the Danube Delta Romania
Dynamic Yunnan Show, Kunming, Yunnan, China
Sunset in Murighiol Lake (Violet Lake), Danube Delta, Romania
Young Surma tribe boy with body painting, Omo River, Ethiopia
Mrauk U, Rakhine State, Burma. Morning daily market.
Surma girl carrying meat, Omo Valley, Ethiopia
Balloons over Goreme valley, Cappadocia, Turkey
Young Surma tribe boy, Omo River Valley, Ethiopia
Graandfather and his grandson - Dongchung Red Land, Yunnan province...
Cappadocia Goreme Valley, view from the balloon
Young Surma tribe boy, Omo River Valley, Ethiopia
Surma boy, Bodypainting by the River, Omo River Valley Ethiopia
Surma tribe boy, with body decorations, Omo River Valley, Ethiopia
Priest in Gondar Holy Trinity Church, Ethiopia
Chin State is located at the western Burma, bordering with India. F...
Whirling Dervishes, Sema Dance in Konya, Turkey
Schoolchildren, Lalibela, Ethipia
Surma tribe boy in Upper Omo Valley Ethiopia
View of Mumbai from the fishing village close to Sasoon Dock
People from the Hamer tribe watching the sunset, Lower Omo Valley, ...
Maymyo, Burma, woman working with clothes in her shop
U-Bein bridge, at sunset, Mandalay, Burma
BURMA Inle Lake, Novice monks standing in the windows of a monastery
Burma, Inle Lake daily market seller
Young student of the elementary school of Lalibela
Boy from the Surma tribe, looking after his cattle, Omo River, Ethi...

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