Helen with her leopard Sheeba, combined with urban imagery.
Red the oldest working sword swallower, swallows a car axil
Rash the clown at Ohio state fair, Sampson the giant horse at count...
DJ Shorty, half man, portrait hotel lobby in New Jersey.
A most lovely elephant, jumping through fire, with a female fire e...
Great sunset and great face found on the forth of July at Coney Island
Fancy face with colors feathers and fantasy.
Interesting portrait taken on a cold night at the Richmond state fair.
Fun performer on the boardwalk at Coney Island.
This image is a combination of a koi fish with a face photographed ...
Poobah waves in front of the World of Wonders sideshow..
An afternoon spent with a lady at Coney Island hearing her story.
Rash the Clown in front of the sideshow after hours at the carnival.
Coney Island friends dancing on the boardwalk.
Combination of some of my favorite sideshow performers
A amazing man at Coney Island who loves animals and they seem to tr...
DJ Shorty and the Mighty Juan having fun in front of the World of ...

Diane Falk's Photos on the Map

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