Undisturbed bones looking like an old goat
In the West every drop of water is precious.
Melting causes unusual movement...almost a dance of tilting snow.
"Sisters! Sisters!" Never a dull moment!
The simple nature of paint on a palette becomes art in itself.
Never too young to enjoy every bit of life!
Where there's a will....there's a way...to shine a light on things!
A mule's eye view of the Grand Canyon
The essence of Martha's Vineyard in summer!
Waiting for Warren! Would you accept a ride from these ladies in le...
Native American boy with shining eyes - a mural
The whole world loves a sweet watermelon
At 98 life's simple pleasure is a yellow peep!
Nature loves a red rake. What elegance and simplicity.

Deborah Lathrop's Photos on the Map

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