Market Day in Martinique
Close encounter with an anemone.
Enjoying the Caribbean beach view.
The blue walkway to Paradise.
Locals sharing a chat and a rum with us as we strolled the beachfro...
Sunset and a thunderstorm at the same time, one hiding the other.
Local boys getting out of school for the day.
Snorkeling under the that a juvenile bull shark? Yikes!
Girls selling flowers to tourists in the plaza.
Remnants of an ancient dock, breakwater, or fishing pier leading of...
Snorkeling off the Pitons. (sorry this is in twice I forgot to down...
Strolling along the waterfront and chatting with locals in front of...
Street performers in the plaza of Basilique du Sacre Coeur.
Sitting on the patio of Golden Rock Estates, admiring the view.
On the deck of our sailboat looking out over the reef.
Lone Beach umbrella on the windward side of Anegada Island

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