Masai women and children at their hut
Masai warriors jumping during traditional dance
Masai warriors performing traditional dance
Topi antelopes looking out over the Kenyan plain
Black rhino and acacia trees on the plains of Kenya
Mt. Kilimanjaro through the ropes of a hot air balloon
Eagle at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro
Wildebeest and zebra migration across the Masai Mara
Vulture flying to nest over the Masai Mara
Water bucks in the African bush
Lioness eating its zebra prey
Elderly giraffe on the plains of Kenya
Baboon family at Amboseli, Kenya
King of the beasts on a plain in Kenya
Wildebeest migrating on the Masai Mara
Giraffe up-close and personal
Lilac breasted roller in Kenya
Masai boy playing in front of his home
Masai boy in his village home
Masai boys welcoming visitors
Married Masai tribesman with extended earlobe

Debbie Ingram's Photos on the Map

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