Two fisherwomen are going to their workplace crows are flying in se...
In a foggy morning a boat carrying passengers and a girl watching f...
Chilling morning in Varanasi, India
A pilgrimage is enjoying view of river Ganges in s chilled and fogg...
A fisherman's boat is sailing at dawn in Chilika lake, Orissa
Elephant cleaning session is going on a Sonepur cattle fair, India ...
An oyster-shell came with the sea wave and create this formation li...
Small Sea crab's movement made this design.
A small tree and a fungus in a hollow of a tree.
New Born Olive Ridley sea turtles going to sea.
A housewife from a farmer's family threshing paddy.
New Born Olive ridley sea turtle coming out from a hole.
Fishrmen are pulling net from sea.
Chau (FOLK) dance is famous in West Bengal, India. Some dancers are...
Local people are showing crucifixion of Jesus by a street drama.
People are celebrating Charak Festival
A girl in a dress of Goddess Kali and checking her make up at car's...
A rural woman painting a pot for sale.
Fishermen are extracting fish from net
A rituals of charak Festival of Bengal, India
A lady in her old palace feeling nostalgic.
A saint has designed on his forehead including his residential addr...
View of large natural lake CHILIKA in Orissa, India
Rajasthani dancers are waiting for their performance.
Some dancers are awaiting for their perform
Chau Dancers (Folk Dancers) are practicing in open field
Night view of Sun Temple in Orissa, India
A grasshopper collecting its food
New born olive ridley turtles are going to sea.
View of river Ganges in Varanasi, India
Elephants are bathing in Gandak river, Shonepur. Every year largest...
View of Thames river in a cloudy afternoon.
'Durga Puja' is a main festival in West Bengal, India. Folk dancers...
Worshiping the river Ganges. Its a traditional event in India.
A young plant growing from dry tree.
People are enjoying the river Ganges
Father and son riding a cycle wearing mask at back side.
An Indian woman float a lamp into river for betterment of her famil...
Some cockles are floating with sea wave.
Members of a family making fun.
An Indian woman looking curiously through her veil.
Funny moment with mask of Lion
A folk singer performing at sunset on a bank of a river.
Three boys are making fun with a musk.
A smoker sitting with a fearful look to a skull.
Seagulls are flying in search of food in a foggy morning in Varanas...
Devotees are worshiping river Ganges in Devdeepabali. This rituals ...
Famous Sun Temple in Konark, Orissa.

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