This piano sat in the music and band room for many years teachers w...
The young man was intensely watching this swan for quite awhile
This was from the leaves in my front yard
A morning glory in the backyard that opened after a rainstorm.
Meachum Field in the morning after a night of rain
Stuck on the Roof - Margo got stuck on the roof chasing a squirrel....
Old Man This remenant of a tree was at the entrance to a hiking pat...
My friend's cats sharing a moment on a hot afternoon in June
Staff & Students in Action staff and student basketball game
Tye Dyed Rose my pink antique rose altered
Eurasian Eagle Owl visiting Stone Quarry Hill Art Park
Baltimore Woods Marcellus NY - Hiking with my daughter on a very ho...
Going Home driving from Chittenango after a hike
Joined today and always a wedding I photographed
My Stepdaughter's 21st Birthday Lemon/Rasberry Cake
This was the last bit of color before a major storm

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