Cowboy Up, hanging out in South Dakota
Boy goofing around in the garden with a pair of swimming googles
Young couple at a High School graduation party posing with a pitchfork
Listening to stories in a small town bar.
Sunlight catches the eye of a boy going to school
Cooling off in a swimming along along the river in an Iowan summer
A bad attitude gets a boy in trouble with his Mom
Coming across a Mountain Goat while hiking at Mount Rushmore
Hunting for interesting rocks in South Dakota
Finding a dead rattlesnake on the road in South Dakota, the boys we...
Sunrise over the river in an Iowan winter
Fall grasses in a park along Michigan Avenue in Chicago
Having coffee before a bikeride in Holland
Posing with buffalo skulls in Custer, South Dakota
Boy posing with Buffalo skulls in Custer, South Dakota
Boys playing along a riverbank in the summer in Iowa
Colorful window in the La Bocca neighborhood of Buenos Aires
View along the Pacific Coast Highway in California
"Floralis Generica" sculture in Buenos Aires
Searchlights against the Hancock Building in Chicago.
A red pickup parked at a green roofed house.
A girl getting her face painted at Circus World.

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