A watering hole at the foot of the Pamir Mountains, Kyrgyzstan
Horses graze the Alay Valley in southern Kyrgyzstan
Road trip on the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan
A heron in late afternoon on the Galapagos Islands
Sunset over Isla de Ometepe on Lake Nicaragua
Women pick tea leaves at a tea garden outside of Siliguri, India.
A man, his dog, and his donkey take a walk on the shores of Lake Is...
An indigenous girl in traditional dress walks the main market in An...
Know Your Weight - A little girl awaits customers with her scale at...
A man walks across a playground mural in Leon, Nicaragua.
Making our way across the Bolivian Salt Flats
A group of school girls on a field trip in Cochin, India
A junk at dusk in Halong Bay, Vietnam.
The ruins of the 12th-century Yamchun Fort amidst Tajikistan's Pami...
A reflective moment at a local diner in Scranton, Pennsylvania
Political and historical graffiti on U Street, Washington, D.C.
Strawberries at the farmer's market in Jacksonville, Florida
Christmas lights on the lawn in Scranton, Pennsylvania
Mother and daughter at a rail station in Burma (Myanmar)
A vegetable vendor at the Theingyi Zei market in Rangoon, Burma tak...
A girl on the edge of a fountain in Juayua, El Salvador
A local woman strikes a majestic pose near the Himalayan village of...
Angel and water wheel in coffee garden, El Salvador
Fumeroles and geysers in the Bolivian desert
An indigenous woman smiles during a political rally in Bolivia

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