Bouldering in Hampi, India
Himalayan prayer flags
Buoys marking off a coral reef boundary
Holi Celebration - Goa, India
Roadside Tattoo - Mysore, India
Reverse Warrior Pose - Yoga practice in Hampi, India
Nepali Portrait along the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal
Bus Ride Serenade - Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Buddhist Monks of Borobudur
Himalayan prayer flags along the Annapurna Circuit
North face of Mount Rainier
Exploring the tide pools of Siung Beach, Indonesia
Yoga practice among the tallest peaks in the world along the Annapu...
Handstand on the Annapurna Circuit - Nepal
'Totems' - Totem Pole contrasting a Pepsi machine - Makah Native Am...
Vintage neon signs lying outside a barn in Seattle, WA
Boat fueling station on a frozen Lake George- 'Closed for the Winter'
Bluegrass band jumping from the stage and onto the dance floor at "...
Elderly man wheeled to the beach during a wedding reception
Guru sits outside a Hindu temple
A boy and his buffalo - Annapurna Circuit - Ghorepani, Nepal
Winter portrait of my wife in Ft Ticonderoga, NY
Bechak ride through rice paddies in West Sumatra, Indonesia

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