The Coast of Death in Galicia (Nortwest Spain)
Teide volcano with the city of La Laguna in the foreground
A flock of cormorants overflights a shipwreck in the northern coast...
A small boat crosses the icelandic Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon with ...
Eruption of the icelandic Eyjafjallajkull volcano in a very clear d...
A Moroccan man walks his dog playing its great skills as a jumper f...
A boy smiles to the camera while traveling in the bus across Tanzania
A Massai sephard saying hello.
Tawny eagle in Ndutu Conservation Area (Tanzania)
A small green tree frog camouflages perfectly into the vegetation.
The sand returned to the abandoned city of Kolmanskop in Namibia, n...
After crossing river Chobe, the female elephant helps his club to s...
A cart with two men goes across Trafaya in a foggy morning.
Jokulsarlon glaciar lake in Iceland
A sculpture in the sea, La Palma (Spain)
A solitaire giraffe in Lake Manyara, Tanzania
Detail of an endangered ground hornbill.
A wild dog running in the bush.
A walk by the coast of Hofn, in Iceland, rewards with beautiful sig...
Photographer in sunset at an Iceland lake.
Victoria falls during dry season.
Eyjafjallajkull volcano sprouting ash.
The national bird of Botswana, lilac-breasted roller (Coracias caud...
A boy looks a barber working in Varanasi (India).
Sunset in Tenerife (Canary islands, Spain)
Prairie at Quebrada del Condorito (Crdoba, Argentina)

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