Two creatures from the natural world adapted to the modern world. ...
Shadows and light dancing across the human figure
A girl stands and looks at a cloudy sky
The sun setting over the clean blue water of the pacific ocean.
a dam standing in the middle of a temperate rainforest
Bikers in portland Oregon on their daily commute
an American flag waves in a darkened city on the forth of July
A camera operator stands atop a pile of rocks
A young woman sits in front of a bamboo fence
A man stands atop a hill with his news camera
an odd looking caterpillar my sister found in the back yard, I happ...
A tree covered hill of Oregon in the early morning, the fog intertw...
A dark ocean sits under a stunning night sky
The sun setting over the pacific ocean as a once active light house...
Mount Hood in Oregon, taken from lost lake
A group of rocks sits in the ocean
A velvet rose sits in a world drained of colour

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