curious girl looking on store window
an old metal bridge from XIX century over the Danube
cloudy area on top of the mountains in Hateg, Romania
taken in a station from Transylvania,Romania
kids enjoying the water show from a public fountain
wooden and rotten post nearing to horizons
stone steps descending through a city park
On an old steel railroad bridge linking Valahia to Dobrogea over th...
an old and decayed wooden door opens to a beautiful scene
little girl hiding and looking from behind a tree
instant capture of a young girl from the beach
a beautiful woman portrait from Transilvanya
free flying of the seagull over the sea
Old couple on the bench.He`s very bored!
pair sitting in the holiday chairs
empty open bar cause of the Autumn coming soon
dense fog over the city
little poor girl (sent by her gipsy parents to beg on the street) t...
Portrait of a little muslim gipsy from Dobrogea,Romania
railroad tracks directing to hazed horizons
man with the gun shadow on the window
old women on the bench looking over the place
small children at a kid party
man in wheelchair playing at his accordion near a place for walking...
old man in his courtyard
man with disability playing on his accordion
railroad station covered with snow in a small town from Transylvania
little girl costumed for a street parade ready to go
capture image in a park in blue light tone
photo lenses displaying blue sky and washed sky
steps through the wood in the Autumn
handing a small plant,Spina Christi,in my palm
road leading through an arid area
railroad tracks directing to the haze horizons
car on the verge of the hill
ruined abandoned house in Dobrogea,Romania

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