taking a long walk on the beach and look what I found.
In my friend's grandmother's kitchen waiting for breakfast
In a historic museum in the memory of old living Cretan lifestyle
In the Frankfurt Airport waiting for my flight
A hippie stand towards the entrance of the village
Inside one of the caves in Matala
Owner of the leather shop An order just came in
Rock climbing and rock jumping around the small, beach town, Matala...
Beautiful view of the cave of Matala
driving down to the beach town Kokkinos Pirgos
Walking on the beach of Malia
riding to the city and look what we see
Hill climbing on the hills of Kouretes
climbing up the mountain with the help of the truck
watching these guys cooking some meat sticks, or souvlaki
In a historic castle in Rhythymo looking over
landed in the capital of Crete and getting out of the jet
Having a little snack in a restaurant in Rhythymo
filling up my water bottle fro a fresh water spring from the mountain
climbing up the highest mountain in the island of Crete
Baptism in the city by the church
sitting back in the truck for a bumpy ride up the road
In the Frankfurt Airport waiting in line at the bakery
atop of the Rhythymo Castle looking over yonder
Entrance to the marketplace of Rhythymo
Walking through the market in Timbaki
Top of my friend's roof in Santorini, Greece
On top of the roof at my friend's uncle's house
Hiking through the mountains of Kouretes
dinner and watching the sunset at a family friend's house

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