Walker on the Hunter Gatherer trail in South Africa
Man walking in sand dunes in Addo National Park South Africa
Ostrich jockeys racing on a Ostrich farm in South Africa
Man on traditional Dhow boat in Mozambique
Man on a traditional boat in Mozambique
On a canoe trip on the Selinda spillway Botswana
Masai travelling in Northern Kenya on a caravan of Camals
Zulu warrior involved in a tribal dance
This was taken on the Meerkat project , where Scientist and volunte...
Young boy from the Tembe tribe, the Tembe tribe are from the Zulu c...
Group of Bush-man story telling and dancing around a fire
Southern Yellow Billed HornBill
Lion rolling in grass, with a smile on its face
Wild dogs running towards the camera
Jackals taken in the Kalahari in South Africa
Crab Eating Plovers flying over the ocean in Mozambique
Man putting up his sail on his traditional boat
Vehicles on a convey in Angola. driving on the beach
Young boy from the Tembe tribe
Mother and daughter from the Himba Tribe
Black Rhino walking out of bushes in Umfolozi Game Reserve

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