Walker on the Hunter Gatherer trail in South Africa
Man walking in sand dunes in Addo National Park South Africa
Ostrich jockeys racing on a Ostrich farm in South Africa
On a canoe trip on the Selinda spillway Botswana
Masai travelling in Northern Kenya on a caravan of Camals
Zulu warrior involved in a tribal dance
This was taken on the Meerkat project , where Scientist and volunte...
Young boy from the Tembe tribe, the Tembe tribe are from the Zulu c...
Group of Bush-man story telling and dancing around a fire
Crab Eating Plovers flying over the ocean in Mozambique
Man putting up his sail on his traditional boat
Vehicles on a convey in Angola. driving on the beach
Black Rhino walking out of bushes in Umfolozi Game Reserve

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