The view of the machines putting up the christmas tree in the cente...
Trying to use our compass in Venice.
Seagulls flying about on the drive down to Mexico.
Taking an image of Japan from the top of Tokyo Tower.
My dad holding up some Hong Kong Currency as we waited in line to e...
An old man in Hong Kong.
The graffiti left at the Oklahoma City Bombing area
The crying Jesus in front of the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.
The candy owner sitting in his candy shop in Mexico.
A girl playing on the streets in Mexico.
People sitting and relaxing by the bay in San Diego.
The quiet area behind St Peter's Basilica in Rome.
A few of the children that I taught when I was in Mexico.
The entrance to the Florence Train Station in Italy.
Women walking from a festival in Japan.
A Shinto temple in Kanazawa, Japan.
Playing with Fireworks on a beach in Japan.
The Venetian Ports at night.
Walking around in Nara, Japan with the domestic deer.
A little boy in Mexico, waiting for the arrival of his father.

Cynthia Chung's Photos on the Map

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