Brain fungus (Ramaria formosa) in a pine-forest.
High water at river Bodrog during the summer floods in Norther Hungary
Fog settled into the valleys of the hill region Cserehat in Norther...
Hydra population is settled on the shell of a freshwater snail whic...
Passengers waiting in a tram station on a cold morning.
Rita Gobi is performing in the play "In-finity".
A biker passes the morning-light at the Brandenburger Gate in Berli...
Seabed walkers during low tide at the North Sea.
Portrait of the ballet dancer George Jellinek.
The dome of the Reichstag building in Berlin, Germany. The large gl...
Mountain Clouded Yellow (Colias phicomone)
Old coins, made of aluminium, are floating on water.
Winter - from the choreography "Four Seasons" of the Hungarian Art ...
Leaves taking a last sunbath before falling.
Young salesgirl is offering home-made cheese from their farm.
Early morning at the train station.
Mark Fenyves is practicing the "Shawl" dance technique.
Low tide at the North Sea in Germany.
Whereas we do value freedom we always live between barriers.
A cellular phone call stops the young man while the other people pa...
Mark Fenyves is practicing the "Shawl" dance technique.
The shepherd and his dog are looking the landscape of the Bakony mo...
Gabor Hollerung is performing on the opening concert of the annual ...
A woman is lookin for dropped corns on the harvested field
Little girl is trying to reach the phone in front of a plasic surge...
Andante - Conductor Gabor Hollerung
Solo performance of Bea Egyed on the Soloduo International Dance Fe...
Home of Gods - the peak Musala in the Rila mountains in Bulgaria.
Early morning at the Brandenburger Gate
"Fata Morgana" in the underground.
Birds flying around the exhaust gas of a cooling tower.
Staircase in the Bory-Castle.
Birds flying East in the Ferto-lake natural park.
Early morning in the valley of river Bodrog.

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