Daily routine on the elevator.
Old lady has her dinner in a fast food restaurant.
Young man with tie and an arrow pointing at him.
Handsome business man in suite in industrial area.
Capoiera exercise in a park
Incredible jump next to a modern office building
Flip-flops on a stone jetty.
Child playing with pebbles on the beach
Fisherman reparing his fishnet in the harbour
drying clothes in a narrow alley.
Pastel colored mediterranean houses.
Dark blue sea with yachts and swimmers
Young couple hugging each other on a mountain trail.
High tower houses in wrong condition.
Concrete steps leading up to town building.
Huge rocks on the beach of the Baltic Sea.
Industrial building with pipeline.
Harbour on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia.
Driving through the town late night. Light trails created by the lo...
Hat through the rear windscreen of a blue Chrysler
Straight plank road leads through the Endla marshland.
A bunch of flowers grow among huge rocks on the beach of lake Peips...
Long exposure shot of the lake Balaton before a heavy storm at dawn.
Sheer mountain with alpine flora.
Lonely horse grazing among trees.
Ray of sunlight filtered by a low cloud above a lake.

Csaba Jekkel's Photos on the Map

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