The sun shines throgh a low cloud in the Alps
Crowded elevators in the underground of Budapest
Skull with crucifix in a church of Hallstatt.
Labeled trunk of "John Smith" as a sculpture.
Fishing net hanging on the wall in an estonian village.
Dead tree under the surface of a lake.
Fishing ships returning to harbour, early morning.
Dry ground under bright blue sky.
Cat sleeping in an alley of an old town.
Vivid colors by the sea in Rovinj at sunrise.
Rovinj right before sunrise.
Fishing boats in the port of Piran at sunset.
Watching the setting sun on the beach.
Forest from the point of view of an ant.
Silhouette of people on the beach at sunset.
Little girls want to fly with the birds.
Sunset walk by the sea in Porec.
Parallel lines shaped by the tall pine trees of a forest in Estonia.
Earth, wind and water. Long exposure shot of a lake.
Birds flying above wrecked houses.
The magical atmosphere of Estonia's forests.
Lightning bolt over an ancient tower.
Hallstatt is a charming little town in the middle of the Austrian A...
An unused warehouse building from the inside. Urban artist found it...

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