Veteran of Foreign War stands outside local store during Veterans' ...
Sunsetting with the moon out on Blue Sac beach
Command Sergeant Major Enjoying Veterans' day parade in local small...
Small hen waits on front porch waiting for bread or seeds.
Boat anchored down off the shore of Onset beach during the last day...
Boy looking into the water at the hermit crabs during the rising ti...
Close up of light on a tree branch from the University's tree at ni...
Boy walking the beach, looking for rocks and shells
Midday sun casting light on University Statue of Jacob and the Angel.
Pink and white Lupin by the river off of a waterfall in the summer.
Clammer on the mud flats of Blue Sac beach, Nova Scotia
Man teaches his son how to clam on the mud flats during low tide.
Clammers head out to the mud flats during low tide with their dog
Bald Eagle resting on the edge of a sand bar during low tide.
Black and white of Five Island Lighthouse after its relocation, fou...
Blue Sac beach at low tide, three of the Five Islands and shown
Humming bird feeder off of local's deck in Nova Scotia.
High advantage point of the "steps" waterfall in the winter.
Final Rose in University Rose Garden, late fall.
Adams Falls, deep in the woods of Lower Five Island.
Boy playing with his dog in the yard on a hot summer day.

Coralyn Almeida's Photos on the Map

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