His Holiness the XIV. Dalai Lama at a teaching in Frankfurt, Germany
Close-up of a Green Iguana sitting in a Floridian garden
The outsider - lonely Red Flamingo among seagulls at Florida Beach
Lonely Red Flamingo watching a sunset over the Gulf of Mexico
Lonesome Red Flamingo watching a sunset at Floridian beach
Aerial view of the snowy Canadian Rockies with turquiose lake
Florida gator watching out for prey in a lake during sunset
Applauding for Mother Nature - Sunset at Captiva Beach
Breast cancer detection truck in the middle of nowhere, Ketchikan A...
Reflection of Freedom Tower in a nearby skyscraper facade
Radio City Music Hall reflected in a puddle on the sidewalk
Manhattan skyscrapers reflected in a sidewalk puddle
The Plaza Hotel in NYC seen through a construction site fence
The Empire State Building in NYC seen from Top of the Rock
Sleeping in the city that never sleeps - Exhausted tourists taking ...
Lifeguard on duty in paradise on New Years Eve 2016
A foggy day along the Inside Passage between Vancouver & Alaska
Looking out a window at Meersburg Castle Germany
Seagull sitting on a skyscraper balcony in Vancouver
The city of Frankfurt lit in rainbow colors
Christmas Bonaire Style - Cacti with little Santa hats
Corridor to paradise - sailboat in the harbor of Charlotte Amalie, ...

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