El Nuevo Mercado on an early Saturday morning
Fuerza de la naturaleza - waves crashing ashore in Limon 2.
Graffiti on the walls of the cathedral in downtown Masaya
Young boys playing on the remote beaches of Limon 2
A villager's home in the mountains of Tomatn, Honduras
Rural farmers getting a lift in rural Honduras
Hiking to the top of Cerro Negro
Amigos walking through the streets of rural Honduras
A schoolgirl headed home - shot from the bus leaving Tegucigalpa
"¡España mañana será republicana!"
Driving to the mountains near Huaraz, Peru
Storm passing through the Grant Tetons.
Hiking through history on the Appalachian Trail.
Sun through the clouds in the Tetons.
A short break while driving through rural Honduras.
The bomb damaged top of San Jeronimo church.
A village on the road through rural Honduras
The champion at the World Masters Surf Competition at Playa Colorado.
The flag of Nicaragua on the fort at Coyotepe.
Chess in the park of downtown Masaya.
Generations at a rural fiesta.
Saturday night dancing at Parque Kennedy
A Honduran family examines a Polaroid photo taken in their home.
Spectators at the running of the bulls celebrating the feast of the...
Three daughters in a rural Honduran home
A glimpse through the Lower Falls in Yellowstone.
Sola - sunset on the beach of Limon 2
Sol por las montaas in rural Honduras

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