Mount Fuji at sunset towering over part of the Tokyo skyline
Crowd crossing the monstrous intersection in Shibuya, Tokyo
Taxis in a neon street scene, Ginza, Tokyo
Southbound bullet train in Shinagawa, Tokyo
A Keihin-Tohoku line train prepares to depart Oimachi Station
Expressway and monorail passing through towers in Shinagawa, Tokyo
Night street scene in Shinjuku, Tokyo
Neon signs lining a street in Shinjuku, Tokyo
Sunset on the Tokyo skyline and Mount Fuji
Neon lit back street in Shinjuku, Tokyo
Dark backstreets in Akihabara, Tokyo
Portion of the vast Shuto Expressway network in Tokyo, Japan
Group of businessman crossing the street in Shinagawa, Tokyo
Cluster of skyscrapers around Shinagawa Station
Businessman in the rain in an alley in Tokyo
Crowd waiting for the train at Shinjuku Station, Tokyo
Crowd trying to pack into a Yamanote Line train in Tokyo.
Shopping street canyon in Ginza, Tokyo.
Bullet train and the Tokyo skyline.
Crowded commuter train in Tokyo.
Couple in the window of the Sunshine 60 Building in Tokyo
People in the observatory of Tokyo's city hall.
Group of businessmen outside Tokyo Station
Chuo Line train at the Otsuki platform waits to depart for Tokyo.
Expressway and cityscape reflected in central Tokyo.
Shinkansen traveling through Tamachi, Tokyo, Japan.
Shinto bride getting some final touches on her dress.
Businessman hard at work after hours in Tokyo.
Windows over the street in Omote-Sando, Tokyo.
Schoolgirls on the train platform at Ichikawa Station, Japan.
Office lady at work in a building in Tokyo.
Panorama of a busy intersection in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Girl cycling home after school in Tokyo.
Cyclists on a residential street in Tokyo.
The Shuto Expressway runs along a canal during day and night in sou...
Keisei Line train passing through night and day in eastern Tokyo.
Girl waiting for a companion in the Sumitomo Building, Tokyo.
Reflection of schoolgirls cycling home in southern Tokyo
Businessman walking down a rainy street in Tokyo.
Part of the Shuto Expressway in central Tokyo.
Sobu Line platform staff surveying the train departure, Tokyo.
Cosmetics touch-up in the back of a taxi in Ginza, Tokyo.
A pair of businessmen have an evening meal on the street in Oimachi...
Sobu Line conductor surveying his arrival into Shinjuku Station, To...
A pair of engineers chat about work at the chemical factory, Kawasa...
Neon canyon in the busy streets near Shinjuku Station, Tokyo.
Rear conductor surveying the arrival of his shinkansen into Tokyo S...
A crowd of commuters on the platform in Shinagawa Station, Tokyo.
Cleaning staff waiting to start their shift in an office in Tokyo.
Putting laundry out to dry in a flat in southern Tokyo.
Girl studying at her kitchen table in a flat in Tokyo.
Cleaning staff waiting to start their shift in an office in Tokyo.
Taking photographs of the busy pedestrian intersection at Shibuya S...
A pair of businessmen stroll through a restaurant alley on the west...
Woman driver on the Yamanote Line in Tokyo.
A rear conductor on Tokyo's loop (Yamanote) line train checks the p...
A conductor readies her train before heading to Tokyo from the moun...
A couple look out over the Tokyo skyline from the Sunshine60 building
A schoolgirl heads home along pavement reading 'stop'
Group of salarymen wait to enter Tokyo Station
Tourists looking out over the Tokyo skyline from city hall
Girl in the morning rush hour on Shinagawa Station platform, Tokyo

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