A narrow white street in Mykonos, Greece, on a stormy day.
Fishing boat in Mykonos, Greece, on a stormy day.
A small bar table with two wooden chair in a narrow street in Hania...
Black and white close-up on flowers just after the rain.
American flags with the image of President Obama in the background.
Two children talking together, while sitting on the grass.
Black and white photograph of a street in Bordeaux, France.
Wild horses on a beach in Assateague Island, MD.
View on the Santorini's bay, Greece.
A typical narrow street in Santorini, Greece.
The windmills of Mykonos, Greece.
Climbing stairs in Athens, Greece.
A blue door on a white wall in the foreground, and a view of Santor...
A typical white and blue house in Santorini, Greece.
Monochrome capture of a coleoptera climbing toward the heart of a l...
A small insect hiding behind the petals of a pink lotus flower.
A little bug climbing the edge of a petal, in a pink lotus.

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