Within the beauty and modernity of San Francisco therein lies our h...
Selfportrait of me doing what I like most taking photos of pools.
Natural designs and distortions created by the water
Niece at the Water Museum in Ecuador
My daughter in the bathtub.
My son in his orange jacket, looking at Alcatraz while holding a gr...
The magic modern designs of nature even when dead
This is a photo I took of my daughter swimming under water. She act...
The back of a giant leave at the rainforest in Ecuador
When do we stop been so relaxed that we can fall asleep standing. M...
Coincidential viewing of a buddhist priest during Memorial Day Weekend
Space Shuttle's last flight through San Francisco
Underwater we become more than one
Underwater mermaid. Daughter underwater
water forming scribbles with the tiles in the bottom of a shallow p...
water mosaics forms regular shapes into mosaics when under water
Designs that the water does on its own as the person goes under it
Kids going to a rodeo in the andes of Ecuador
The kid's finds after the fishermen came with their caught fish in ...

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