The white cotton castles of Pamukkale.
Camels graze above the clouds in the southernmost area of Salalah.
Camels at play along the beaches of Dalkut.
An Ottoman soldier sets up on the the Hejaz railway.
A sprawling tree in Wadi Darbat of Salalah.
The hallowed hallways of Oman's Grand Mosque.
An abandoned Omani boat on the beaches of Salalah.
Bedouin tribesmen line up in Wadi Rum.
A camel finds shade under a tree in the green Salalah of Oman
A crimson sunset in Jordan's red desert of Wadi Rum.
The hidden Frankincense forest of Oman's Wadi Dawkah.
A cove tucked away in the Musandam peninsula of Oman.
The sacred tree of the young Prophet in Ibqawiyah.
The sun peaks out of the clouds along the Hejaz railway in Wadi Rum
A leaning tree among the streets of Old Ramallah.

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