Farmer in the Dominican Republic offering up Sugar Cane
2 buddhist monks at Angkor Wat in Cambodia
giant hand statue in the sand in Uruguay
shot of the Duomo in Florence with the silhouette of a person walking.
roadside motel in Southern Utah near Monument Valley Arizona
boy in cambodia holding python
man standing in new orleans protesting diversity, uniqueness, and e...
preparing for take off - a stunt plane pilot getting prepped
Street photo in Marrakech - this photo shows the traditional dress ...
Snake charmer at sunset - Marrakech, Morocco
The evening entertainment, the medina in Marrakech, just prior to d...
Thousand of birds flying from the colosseum in Rome at dawn
a lava flow - from very close - Kilauea Hawai'i
Charles de Gaulle - Paris, France - at dawn.
Diving from the Pier on the island of Sal in Cape Verde Africa
View from underneath the bridge in Astoria Oregon
During a hike through Sequoia National Forest, we were amazed by th...
A shot of the musician Macklemore at this years SXSW in Austin, TX
Off roading in the Nevada desert
Infrared film photograph of grand central station in Detroit, MI.
Alcatraz - the stairway to the mess hall

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