School Children waiting for the bus at a bus stop
Cedar Waxwing "In Coming!" was landing as I was Birdwatching in Dys...
Walking down the road at the Ledges State Park in Boone, IA
Tropical Paradise At Couple's Resort Negril, Jamaica
Waterfall at YS in Negril,Jamaica
"Joe's Eats" on the Streets of Negril
We took a tour on the Black River in Negril..
I received a bouquet of flowers from my best friend duing a time of...
Mother & Child On a Beautiful summer day
My Neighbors Berry Tree fell to the privy of an Iowa Ice Storm..Thi...
The MusicMan playing his guitar & singing to us on the beach
Jamaican Man Playing Guitar on the Beach for Money
Lily Pads & Dragonflies On a Beautiful summer day
Jamaican Woman singing to us on the Beach for money
Little Boy Watching for His Dad At the Send off Ceramony
Walking through The Streets Of Negril, I noticed this man...Despera...
My Sister On her Wedding Day..Negril, Jamaica
Taken On the Beach in Negril, Jamaica...Our first night & we were s...

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