A group of very shy young ladies in the streets of Nepal. They smil...
A woman with red umbrella looking through snowy window in a very co...
Man on the boat in Chitwan National Park of Nepal.
In the colorful streets of Mexico!!!
Sadhu and Wooden Lion in Nepal.
A woman in veil, passing by in the old Bazaar of Yazd, Iran.
Rainy day in the Louvre Museum of Paris.
Folkloric Dance of Qashqai tribe, living in Iran.
Little girl staring at the big aquarium!!!
A bicycle-run in the Frankfurt international airport!
Music performance of Qashqai tribe, living in Iran.
Calling the God in Pantheon, Paris!!!
A woman working in the traditional brick making factory in Iran.
Passing through pigeons in a Nepalese temple.
Performing Mexican Folkloric Dance in the streets of Mexico.
Getting ready for the ritual by lighting a candle, Kathmandu Durbar...
Enjoying the amazing view of ocean in Cancun, Mexico, just after su...
A woman in veil, passing by in the old narrow streets of Yazd, Iran.

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