Riot of color in Holi celebration at Nandgaon temple, Uttar pradesh
Life beyond religion-the Holi Festival at Nandgaon, Uttar Pradesh
The solitary reaper in the flower garden of Paskura, West Bengal
Struggle of fisherman in Ayodhya Upper Dam, Purulia
The basket weaving tradition during "Badna" festival time
"Annakut"- a popular Hindu religious occasion
The dismal state of hand loom industries in Bengal
Attempting a bicycle kick in the river bed of Damodar
Children from Khonoma village at Nagaland
Spirituality meets religion durin Holi celebration at Vrindaban
The puppet show performer at Mehrangar Fort
The "Puli Kali"-Tiger/leopard Dance festival
Chinese fishing nets at FortKochi
The Tiger Man in "Puli Kali" (Tiger Dance) festival
"Kash flowers" Harvest in India
The Great Cannons at Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur
The Chhat Festival behind Taj Mahal
Suspended Jute Stems Fermentation by farmers to extract Jute fiber ...
In front of Jama Masque, New Delhi, India
Hand stitched Embroidery by metal thread (called "Jari" work) by a ...
The grass reaper during a rainy day
The Great Migration during Camel Trade Fair at Pushkar, Rajasthan
The Jute fiber raring during mid day by a woman from Jute Cultivato...
Morning Prayer during Chhat Puja behind Taj Mahal

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