visiting white travertens in Pamukkale region of denizli city of tu...
a portrait of a flower in the garden
reflection from a building windows
the people is passing on the bridge
hand made fine work for domestic gift
the woman singer is singing in the concert
the mother is driving her baby car on the street
the man is washing his vehicle on the pond
A man is reading his book in front of a painted wall
ıt is a photo of reflection and applied some PS filter on it
A tourist is taking picture in Pamukkale,Denizli city
The farmer is working in his green field.
The man is reading his book in front of the colorfull wall
The man is walking on the shore of salt lake
There were too many ladybirds on the top of the mountain.
The bus driver in the bus among the reflections
Windows of a village house
A flower bud in the botany garden
A few types of bugs are all together on a small tree branch just by...
The bee is flying to another flower on the garden
The ladybirds are all together in the nature
Three radical muslim women black-closed dressed are walking on the ...
The jazz singer is singing on stage
The little girl was playing table tennis with his father
The old woman saw her friend suddenly and surprised and laughed at ...
The old man is working in the field with his horse
The woman is carrying cereals on her shoulders
The farmer man is looking from his field to me.
The master of hand made copper plates
A reflection of the boat on the sea .
After the concert comes to end , artists are saying goodbye to the ...
Reflection of buildings on the river side at Birecik area of Urfa C...
From the botany garden of Gaziantep City of Turkey
A reflection of boats at the harbour on sea shore
The reflection of the other buildings from a glass- window building...
a landscape view of a crowded city full of houses
They are wrestling on an oil wrestling tournament
a young woman is playing piano on the concert
two old women are sitting in front of a house of a village
running and playing children on the street
a working farmer man on the field
a flying seagull with the food in its mouth
spider and its web on the flower in the garden
a view of a pistachio seller from a bazaar of gaziantep city
children are playing football on the street in a ghetto region in t...
a ghetto view in cold winter time

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