Hooded Capuchin Monkeys drinking
Green Kingfisher diving composite image
Striated Heron fishing from a Giant Lily Pad
Drygalski Fjord Glacier, South Georgia Island
Elegant Tern returning to it's Mate with the gift of an anchovie
“Watering Hole of the Giants”
Southern Elephant Seal Pups
Endemic Spiny Tailed Iguana Leaping from cactus to cactus
Boys playing along the Malecon in Havana Cuba
Spear Fisherman in Golfo Dulce Costa Rica
Wild Giant Galapagos Tortoise in the moss forest
We watched this Elephant roll around in the mud for a good hour. He...
It was a beautiful sunny and unusually calm afternoon as we cruised...
We got out of our Safari vehicle to photograph a pod of Hippos in a...
While we were staying at Chitabe Camp in Botswana we had the opport...
Parking the ship on an Iceberg in Antarctica
We were on Safari in Kenya when we spotted a few Giraffes headed ou...
Throw Net Fishing, Matanzas Cuba
Peek a Boo Pelican I quickly clicked the camera shutter as this ...
Traveling the Southern Ocean on the way to Antarctica

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