Before the rain a fisherman hurried to return home.
Dancing LAMA at a monastery in Bhutan.
Prayer to Goddess The Ganga river called "Ganga Arati" at Varanasi,...
Dreamers before their idol's images in a fair in the rural Bengal.
Local mats are waived with the leaves of date palm trees.
Colorful clothes are drying in the field after washing them in the ...
Drying clothes after a holy dip into the river Ganges during Makar ...
Migration of a boy with two buffalo during flood.
Art of Nature in Purulia, India.
A Dzong at Bhutan, the land of Dragon.
Hair Dressing in front of an Hindu Goddess, KALI who is shown undre...
Shadows of life of the women working in brick fields in India.
A Hindu rituals during Gajan Festival.

Bidyut Goswami's Photos on the Map

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