The fierce eagle trained to hunt for the Mongolian hunter.
Polynesian dancers performed with fire.
Dancer performed at Tsechu Festival in Bhutan.
Mongolian cowboys in action at Gobi Desert, Mongolia.
A beautiful blue water lily floating on the water and facing a hot ...
Hungry fish with their mouth wide open.
Spectacular view of Hong Kong Harbor through the wide panes of wind...
Dance Performance by a member of Guerreiros de Tanali in Pozos, Mex...
Flowers blooming beautifully in the spring.
Peony is used symbolically as "flower of riches and honor" in China.
Daily life of ordinary people in Guanajuato, Mexico.
Stone paved walkway leading to an iron gate.
Winning horse at Naadam Festival in Mongolia.
Children having fun playing with water.
One of the Guerreiros de Tanali performed the warrior dance in the ...
Feeding the worshippers by the Buddhist monks in Phobjikja Valley, ...
Daily life of ordinary people in Guanajuato, Mexico.
Feeding the goldfish in the pond.

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