A grandma teaches her granddaughter to play Chopsticks.
An early blizzard swirls through northeastern Kansas.
The sun sets over the hills of Los Angeles.
A bee samples pollen in St. James Park.
Tourists snap photos from a Toronto ferry.
A teething toddler takes a bite of a necklace.
Smartphones snap photos of the Toronto skyline from a ferry.
A ferry leaves the Toronto Islands, bound for downtown Toronto.
A butterfly samples a purple coneflower on the Toronto Islands.
The Rocky Mountains poke through the clouds with snowy peaks.
A muddy river winds through the southwestern United States.
A black swallowtail caterpillar snacks on some dill.
A jet leaves a contrail over the southwestern United States.
Children play at the foot of Tiffany Falls in Hamilton, Ontario.
A house sparrow rests in downtown Toronto.
The Sierra Nevada mountains peek through a bluish November fog.
Birds flock to a toddler at a Pennsylvania zoo.
A busy day at the Natural History Museum in London, UK.
Tigger ponders religion at St. Andrew's Church, Bradfield, Berkshire.
Sunset in Minneapolis, over the Lake of the Isles.
The sun sets on London, as seen from the top of a bus driving over ...
Sunlight streams through a bridge in Manchester, UK, as the day beg...
A fall sunset over an Iowa farm, seen while driving from Kansas Cit...
A monkey climbed onto the rear window of the car at Longleat Safari...
Climbing the bridge over the A30 to see Royal Holloway, University ...

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