A boardwalk leads to the Atlantic Ocean, framed by a double rainbow...
A wild pony of Chincoteague, made famous by Misty in the popular am...
Columbia Icefield Tour on the Athabasca glacier in Banff NP, CA.
Grand Teton Range at sunset, from the Snake River overlook.
An American Alligator basks in the sun near Isle of Palms, SC.
An irrigation system comes online after the sun sets over the Tetons.
Hikers enjoying a sunset on the shore of Lake Michigan
Always social, two Atlantic Puffins "converse" on Machias Seal Island.
A barn on Mormon Row at sunrise, flanked by the Grand Teton range.
Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse shows its red warning light, before sun...
An Osprey barely misses breakfast during a morning hunt.
A busy street corner and coffee shop on the grounds of the Universi...
Only one fishing boat remains in port, as dawn approaches.
A lone hiker surveys Great Smoky Mountain National Park from atop C...
A 2.5 hr star trail revolves above a campsite in Grand Teton NP.
Two mountain goats pose for a portrait on Quandary peak, CO.

Ben Hallissy's Photos on the Map

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