Dive guide returning home at the end of the day.
A Dragonfly beating its wings on the waters surface.
An amazing and unusual natural lightshow, with both sunset and ligh...
A friendly Grasshopper in my garden posed for a macro photo.
A frozen beach reflecting sunset colors.
Frozen water on the beach, catching the colors of the sunset.
A railway line on the edge of the ocean.
A sailboat heading into the sunset, there's no better way to travel!
A fisherman sits on a rocky headland, while a wave crashes into it.
A curious camel, and a shy boy, near the Taj Mahal.
A balancing act on the beach during a fiery sunset.
Waiting for a turn at bat during an early morning cricket game.
Never too old for swinging into the sunset.
The fog on the snow made ghosts of a couple walking in the park.

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