Visiting the Clot of Galvany natural park
During a family day at my mother in law home.
Near the swimming pool at my mother in law home in a hot day.
Hiking with my friends I saw this dead butterfly on a leaf. I put i...
Old building at the town of Sller (Mallorca, Spain)
We stopped in a restaurant, and saw these sculptures in the middle ...
Going sightseeing at Mallorca, we stopped in a typical tower near t...
In one of the most important palm trees cities, near the University
Walking on the beach in a sunny day
In the upper part of the basilica in Elche
Looking for birds in the park, I saw that nice view
Driving through the Mount Rainier National Park, we stopped to enjo...
Having a picnic in a cold spring afternoon
At the gardens of the Balearic Museum of Natural Science

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